Mriam Magazine

Original name: Mariam Magazine                    Language: Arabic

Numbers of pages: 44                                   Date of printing: 2018

edition number: the first                             published:  monthly

place of printing: Germany- Bonn              ISBN: 978-3-9819949-0-2

Weight: 200 g                                                 size: 23cm*30cm

author: Editorial Board                         Publishing House: Atli & Kentar Verlag

Cover: Glaze shiny smooth.                           Age range: 5-13 years

Delivery: During the first week of each month – free


Literary, Cultural, Stories, Tales, Story Series, Contests, Arabic Language.

About Mariam Magazine:

Our magazine is the first monthly Arabic magazine for children in Europe, published by Atli & Kentar for printing, publishing and cultural exchange.

The magazine contains stories, tales, contests, general information and other topics that all speak about literature, culture and science.

The magazine was designed to help children to integrate with European values such as equality, democracy, respect for others and other human values and morals in general, and to adopt a kind of balance in the personality of the child between Arab and Eastern culture on the one hand and European culture and values on the other.

It also contains many games and competitions that aim to increase the child’s analytical abilities and develop his mental skills by trying to discover puzzles and solve questions.

The magazine tries to give the child a kind of positive entertainment by attracting more interest in reading and exploring through the templates, graphics and various content in the magazine.